Since 2006 we have provided consultation and development services regarding more than 20 real estate projects with the total area above 200,000 sq.m, ensuring the development of the premium class residential and business sites - Centra Nams (Republikas laukums 3), Ausekļa iela 7, Palisade (Vīlandes iela 8), Vaļņu iela 4, San Antonia (Antonijas iela 11), Charlotte Residence (Vidus iela 5), Mildas Tirdziņš (E. Birznieka Upīša iela), Hotel Astor Riga (Z. A. Meierovica bulvāris 12).

We provide consultation and development services to project developers:

Full cycle

Vision – Commissioning – Sale or lease

One or several stages of the project

Development of the concept, market research, definition of the design terms of reference, consultations regarding the plans and functionality, interior and design, development of the pricing policy, the brand development and promotion, the implementation program, the legal structure of sales and drafting of documentation.


  • Analysis of the market situation
  • Identification of the market position (segmentation)
  • Methodological definition of the target group and its selection criteria
  • The SWOT analysis of the project

Project consultations

  • Use of the territory
  • Building volume and proportions of premises
  • Functionality
  • Plans
  • Environment and services