We offer the management of properties owned or possessed by legal entities and natural entities, as well as of business assets related to the segment of commercial properties. The management applies to shares of stock, securities, various material and obligation or use rights, as well as equipment, technologies and intellectual property, securing present or future income to the owner or possessor of the assets.

We aim at securing maximum income by evaluating both the condition of the relevant asset, the current market situation and future perspective, as well as developing of a long-term program that ensures the maintenance and growth of the value over a long term.

The management process – starting from the identification of the best method of use and up to the securing of regular income to the owner of the assets.

Standard solutions of the management process:

  • Evaluation of the use of assets and recommendations
  • Attraction of lessors and other sources of income
  • Development of lease or other income contracts and documentation, handling of the process
  • Search for suitable administration or technical maintenance services and supervision of the process thereof
  • Strict supervision of all the contracts and documentation related to the maintenance of the relevant assets
  • Monitoring of income/ expenditure and handling of payments
  • Securing of the customer’s income